Google Tag Manager - Setup Google Remarketing

Google Tag Manager setup


Next step is to setup remarketing tag in gtm and specify rules and macros to trigger them.

Create New Variable

Open the Variable tab from the left hand menu

Under User Defined Variables click on New

  • Select Data Layer Variable
  • Type a name for the variable - google_tag_params
  • Data Layer Variable - google_tag_params
  • Select version 2 for the datalayer version

Save Variable

Create New Trigger

Open the Trigger menu from the left hand menu.

  • Select New
  • Select Custom Event
  • Fire On event name remarketingTriggered

Create New Google Remarketing Tag

Create a new Google Adwords tag in your gtm container.

In the next step select Adwords Remarketing as the tag type.

Open your adwords account and create a new remarketing tag.  Here is how to create a remarketing tag.

From the tag get your Conversion ID and Conversion Label.

Configure Tag

In step 3 select Use Data Layer in Custom Parameters

A drop down box will now appear select the google_tag_params variable you created in the previous step.

When finished click continue.

Fire On

Now we need to set when the tag will be fired

Select More and in the pop up box select the remarketingTriggered trigger, click save when complete.

Now just save the tag, create a new version of container and publish it and you’ll be done.

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